Meeting Spaces


Huddle Room

The primary purpose of a huddle room or space is to bring out individual as well as collective ideas to the table for discussion and action. A meeting space equipped with novel AV infrastructure can aid in bringing those ideas to life. Fully Equipped meeting spaces complete with high resolution multimedia projector, high fidelity audio reproduction system, multi touch interactive display systems to name a few, help transform a concept to a reality. Office 2000 offers numerous packages to cater to various needs of the client in helping them create a perfect environment.

Board Room and Conference Room

We at Office 2000 understand the significance Board rooms and Conference rooms play in every company. A perfectly equipped room with world class tools enhance the quality and efficiency of every discussion taking place inside. Office 2000's board room designs are done with state-of-the-art AV facilities, making the room technology smart, sophisticated and aesthetically appealing. 
Keeping in mind the fact that the most important aspects of good AV for a boardroom are security and seamless communication, Office 2000's expertise in working on multiple board room solutions at highly secure locations have given us a deep understanding of customised board room solutions meeting the standards of every client we have had the opportunity to work with.


Customer Experience Centres

The ‘Customer’ is the crux of every single organisation be it a product, solution or a service. And hence building a top quality ‘Customer Experience Centre’ has become a prerequisite to enhance customer relationship. The success of a quality Customer Experience Centre largely rests on the ‘Feel Good Factor’ and adaptability, unique to every customer. With cutting edge technology and expertise available, Office 2000 offers the most advanced design with user friendly working solutions which is sure to create unforgettable experiences to both the client as well as the customer. Customer experience Centres include digital labs, simulation rooms and innovation labs.

Collaboration Meeting rooms

This kind of a meeting room was designed primarily to encourage the ’BYOD’ concept. Keeping the variety of devices on mind, these rooms are provided with interactive displays and webcams to help participants annotate and share content across remote locations